15 (Quick) Fixes to Improve

Your Tennis

Beginning and Intermediate Levels


15 (Quick) Fixes to Improve Your Tennis

Smart and quick solutions for players’ technical problems: improve your forehand, backhand, volley, serve and footwork.
How to fix: “waiter’s serve”, open racquet face on the forehand groundstroke backswing, serving with a forehand grip (pancake serve), inconsistent serve, weak return of serve, late volley contact, lack of half-volley control, weak topspin, weak backhand groundstroke, inconsistent one-handed backhand, off center contact, and more…

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    “I went out to the courts to practice your suggested “Back-Drop”. What a fabulous difference I found in your method!! I LOVED it. For some strange reason my serves were not only hitting my spots with more speed, they were also slicing far better with fewer faults. How come? What can I say: Fabulous!! Thanks a bunch! Better yet, moo-chos-grassy-yass!”

    - Larry Gross -

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