Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games

Discover creative tennis drills and games for consistent groundstrokes, volleys, approach, drop-shots and... serve; develop quick footwork and strokes accuracy.

Plus, technical tips to get the most out of your tennis practice.

You are going to love the warm-up exercises, skill-building and competitive drills that not only improve your technique and footwork but they are also designed to prepare you to play under pressure situations that you could encounter in a tennis match.

Sample videos from the Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills program

  • Warm-Up Tennis Drills

    This section will show you simple and effective drills that solidify your strokes technique and prepare you for the more complex exercises that you will encounter in the following sections.

  • Skill-Building Tennis Drills

    This is where you will find creative drills to move your consistency, accuracy, shot variety to the next level - practice spin and placement control on groundstrokes, approach shots, moving and playing at the net, as well as different combinations of strokes that will build up your confidence. 

  • Competitive Tennis Games

    Very few players know that they can play actual matches and prepare for upcoming singles or doubles tournaments using only a... ball machine.
    In this section you will find creative tennis games that will give you a good match practice when you have no partner to play against. 

  • Bonus Section: Serve Tennis Drills

    A tennis session would not be complete if you did not practice the most important shot - the serve.

    That's why we included a special/bonus section in which you will find some of the best tennis drills to develop accurate and consistent serves.

    Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills

    Here is a quick tour presented by Cosmin Miholca, the creator of BBMTD program:



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