Best Tennis Drills and Games for KIDS

A collection of the best tennis drills and games that children love - hand-eye coordination, footwork, fun competition, strokes consistency

Are you teaching tennis to children or beginning players?

"Best Tennis Drills and Games for Kids" is a new program, by WebTennis24, for coaches and tennis parents

  • Hand-Eye Coordination Drills

    Beginning players develop racquet and ball control through drills that involve catching, running, stopping, throwing.

  • Competitive Games for Beginners

    Play creative games that improve the technique, footwork, and prepare players for future competitions.

  • Speed and Strength

    Some of the exercises in this program are great for developing strong legs, balance and speed, which help in the overall performance of the tennis player.

  • Consistency and Placement

    Along with learning the technical elements of the tennis strokes, players should practice drills and games that challenge and improve their consistency and placement.

  • Warm Up / Cool Down

    Many of the drills in this program are designed to prepare the players for the practice/lesson, or help in creating a good flow of the learning process.

  • Individual Strokes Practice

    Some of the drills and games focus on developing strokes (serve, volley, groundstrokes, etc.) while others emphasise movement and fun.

  • Learn to Love Tennis

    Learning tennis is a process that involves understanding the technical elements, and practicing them until they become muscle memory. But ultimately, the player must enjoy the process; this is where a coach (or tennis parent) must be willing to add fun drills and games that will make practicing tennis even more enjoyable. 

  • Successfully Applied for 20+ Years

    All the drills and games in this program have been applied by a professional tennis coach while working with beginning players (kids and adults) for over 20 years.

  • Bonus: Your Questions Answered

    Cosmin Miholca, the creator and tennis coach behind this program, will answer all your questions you might have about teaching beginning tennis players.
    Each section of this program offers comment boxes where you can have your questions answered, or simply email Cosmin for individual assistance.

Best Tennis Drills and Games for Kids

Make tennis lessons fun being inspired by this collection of drills and games that children love - friendly competitive games, footwork exercises, hand-eye coordination skill building, consistent strokes

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“Hi Cosmin, many thanks for the great information! Your approach to teaching kids is one of the best I have ever seen.”

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