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Drills and Lesson Plans that Tennis Coaches Need for Private and Group Classes, Singles and Doubles Players, Beginning or Advanced Levels

900+ Drills and Lesson Plans for Tennis Coaches

Tennis drills for two, three, four, and large group of players; beginning and advanced levels; singles or doubles tactics and strategies

“I just wanna tell how much I appreciate your effective drills. I used them every day and my kids really, really enjoy them. Thank you for these marvellous drills as I called them.”

Terry Miller

Tennis Coaching by WebTennis24

Teaching and coaching tennis means being creative and adapting your knowledge to the students' physical and mental potential.

But it also means having a vast collection of drills and competitive games ready to implement according to your students' needs.

WebTennis24 is proud to offer coaches such a great library of tried-and-tested drills that coaches can use in their lessons with players of any levels:

  • beginners who need to develop their technique and footwork
  • competitive players who want to learn winning tactics and strategies against various opponents
  • children who love to chase the ball, who need fun and encouragement to persevere
  • senior players who want to learn how to cover the court using less energy and better shot selection
  • doubles players taking part in competitive events who also require creative practice games and drills for better team communication, court coverage strategies, shot selection, mental strength ...and much more.

DRILLS for Private and Group Lessons

In this section you’ll find hundreds of really good drills and games that tennis coaches can use for private or group classes, to teach singles or doubles tennis skills, for both children and adults.

  • 151 Tennis Drills for Two Players
  • 62 Tennis Drills for Three Players
  • 67 Tennis Drills for Four Players
  • 139 Tennis Drills for Large Groups
  • 104 Tennis Drills for Kids
  • 156 Tennis Basket Drills
  • 90 Mental Strength Tennis Drills
  • 37 Singles Tactics Tennis Drills
  • 33 Doubles Tactics Tennis Drills
  • 36 Cardio Tennis Drills

Lesson PLANS

Coaches find ready-made programs to teach private and group (children or adults) classes, singles or doubles players. Structured in a one-hour time frame, the tennis lesson plans make it easier for coaches to provide quality training for their students:

  • 11 Lesson Plans for Teaching One Player
  • 11 Lesson Plans for Teaching Two Players
  • 5 Lesson Plans for Teaching Three Players
  • 5 Lesson Plans for Teaching Four Players
  • 9 Lesson Plans for Teaching Large Groups
  • 7 Lesson Plans for Teaching Kids


Showing coaches a step-by-step guide to run a fun and informative series of camp-specific tennis lessons. Teach children tennis stroke techniques, how to play with friends and family, footwork exercises, games and drills that kids enjoy.

  • 3-Hour Tennis Lesson Plan for Day 1
  • 3-Hour Tennis Lesson Plan for Day 2
  • 3-Hour Tennis Lesson Plan for Day 3
  • 3-Hour Tennis Lesson Plan for Day 4
  • 3-Hour Tennis Lesson Plan for Day 5

Access 900+ Drills and Lesson Plans Specially Made for Tennis Coaches

Get 24/7 pass to our Coaching library and have hundreds of tennis drills and lesson plans at your disposal for private and group lessons, beginning or advanced players

“I love your site, it is a cornucopia of information that sustains my tennis creativity!”

Teresa King


Tennis Ebooks

Along with drills and lesson plans, inside this program you'll also find ebooks that will be an additional downloadable resource that you can take with you on the tennis court.

Ultimate Tennis Practice for Two Players

10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginners

Ultimate Tennis Practice for Three Players

29 Best Drills and Games for Doubles

Ultimate Tennis Practice for Four Players

“Here’s to another year of great drills for my young students. I love teaching with your method because it works! Thanks coach!”

Jann Dunlap

Who should join WebTennis24 Coaching?

Tennis coaches who have a true passion for their profession, who really care to provide quality tennis classes, and who want to get 24-hour access to some of the best tennis drills and lesson plans to help students fall in love with the sport

Join WebTennis24 Coaching

Every plan comes with a 14-days money back guarantee.

WebTennis24 Coaching

- 900+ drills and lesson plans
- $14/month or $99/year

  • Tennis Drills for 2 Players

  • Tennis Drills for 3 Players

  • Tennis Drills for 4 Players

  • Tennis Drills for Large Groups

  • Fun Tennis Drills for Kids

  • Basket Tennis Drills

  • Mental Strength Tennis Drills

  • Singles Tactics Tennis Drills

  • Doubles Tactics Tennis Drills

  • Cardio Tennis Drills

  • Tennis Lesson Plans

  • Tennis Camp Program

  • Ebook: Ultimate Practice 2 Players

  • Ebook: Ultimate Practice 3 Players

  • Ebook: Ultimate Practice 4 Players

  • Ebook: 10 Lesson Plans

  • Ebook: 29 Best Drills for Doubles

Master Pass / All-Access

- $49/month - full access to all WebTennis24 programs
- $397 one-time payment - lifetime access to all WebTennis24 programs

  • WebTennis24 TRAINING
    500+ videos and articles

  • WebTennis24 COACHING
    900+ drills and lesson plans

  • WebTennis24 KIDS
    600+ live video lessons, tips, drills

  • 10 LIVE LESSON PLANS for Teaching Beginning Players
    130+ video lessons, drills and tips

  • Best BALL MACHINE Tennis Drills and Games 
    50+ video drills and competitive games

  • Best Tennis Drills and Games for KIDS
    60+ video drills and games

  • Bonus: Seven Tennis EBOOKS



WebTennis24 is an established business with clients and customers around the globe. We take our customer experience very seriously. For that reason, this course is backed by a no-hassle 14 day refund. Just email our support team within 14 days of purchase and we'll get you squared away.

Cosmin Miholca

Founder, WebTennis24

“I find the drills to be awesome each time out.”

James Young

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