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“I just wanna tell how much I appreciate your effective drills. I used them every day and my kids really really enjoy them. Thank you for these marvellous drills as I called them.” - Terry Miller

“I love your site, it is a cornucopia of information that sustains my tennis creativity!” - Teresa King

“Your instruction videos are second to none. Keep up the good work.” - Mickey Gage

"I have reviewed many tennis instruction web sites and yours is the absolute best!" - Michael N. Lawrence

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In this section, dedicated to tennis players, you’ll find lots of videos and articles – how to play tennis, improve your technique, choose from the hundreds drills and tennis games, learn how to win singles or doubles matches by studying tactics and strategies according to your level of play; and so much more.
Beginning, intermediate and even advanced players have all the info they need to take their tennis skills to higher levels.

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Video Lessons, Drills and Tips for Tennis Players

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Discover hundreds of drills that tennis coaches can use in their lessons with 2, 3, 4, or large groups of players; singles and doubles tactics, cardio drills, beginning or advanced students.

The lesson plans come in handy to provide excellent practice sessions for singles and doubles players.
Looking for fresh ideas to run a tennis camp for beginning players? We got you covered!

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Drills and Lesson Plans for Tennis Coaches

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Discover unique tennis lessons, lots of tips, and fun drills that children absolutely love.
The My Daddy / My Coach live lessons show parents and tennis coaches an original way to introduce and guide children to learn and play tennis - see how Cosmin (our tennis teaching pro) taught his two daughters to play tennis from the age of 5 (beginning) to 12 (competitive juniors).

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Lessons, Drills and Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis

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A step-by-step guide for teaching tennis to beginning players (kids and adults), tailored towards coaches, and tennis parents who are looking for a creative way to introduce their children to this wonderful sport.
The program contains ten live lessons (45-65 minutes), lots of tips and fun drills, showing how to introduce beginning players to tennis from the first time they pick up a racquet to learning how to play a match using technically sound tennis strokes.

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Lessons, Drills and Tips for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players


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A ball machine can be your best practice partner.
Whether you want to improve your technique, footwork, shot accuracy and consistency, or just want to prepare for upcoming tennis tournaments... the Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills is full of drills and games that can help you achieve all the above.
Try our program and surprise your tennis friends next time you step on the court.

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Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games for Beginning and Competitive Players

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No matter how much we want to improve our beginning players' technical and fitness aspects, they need to enjoy their time on the court as well.
Therefore we developed this program to inspire you with some of the best tennis drills and games that children love - footwork, hand-eye coordination, friendly competition, technique drills, and more.
Make tennis lessons fun and they will love to practice.

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Best Tennis Drills and Games that Children Love

About The Coach

Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin has always been teaching tennis in a way that is easy to understand and follow, with an emphasis on fun and simplified technical elements.

He taught tennis in Southern California, and more recently in Europe where Cosmin now resides together with his wife and two teenage daughters which you can see in many of the WebTennis24 videos.

Even though he's been teaching tennis to a large number of people (from 4 to 80-year-old students, beginning and competitive players) his true passion is finding creative ways to introduce tennis to kids and adults, helping them fall in love with the sport.

Cosmin is a certified tennis teaching professional with more than 30 years of playing and coaching experience (beginning and competitive levels).

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