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Follow the My Daddy / My Coach video lessons for teaching kids tennis - how to develop technique, plus lots of drills and tips that coaches and tennis parents need

600+ Lessons, Drills and Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis

Get access to live tennis lessons with kids (My Daddy / My Coach), plus hundreds of drills and tips for teaching tennis to beginning players.

“Many thanks for creating the My Daddy My Coach series. Its been very helpful for my child. The breakdown of the swing so that kids can understand and follow is great. Just what I needed. Thanks!”

Ajay Gautam

Kids Tennis by WebTennis24

WebTennis24 is proud to offer a unique series of lessons that come to help tennis parents, in particular, to introduce and teach tennis to their own children.

Through the My Daddy / My Coach live lessons, our tennis coach, Cosmin, wants to share with parents and tennis coaches the methodology he'd used to get his two daughters emerged into this sport. 

Ever since Bianca and Cezara were 5, respectively 6 years old, Cosmin and his wife, Irina, had filmed the girls' lessons and progression throughout their seven years of learning and playing tennis.

Cosmin has been personally and fully involved in the teaching of his two daughters and, now, he wants to share with you all his tips, drills and pieces of advice he'd been giving to his lovely daughters along the years:

  • Live / Full Tennis Lessons - showing parents and coaches how to teach tennis to children from the first time they pick up a racquet until they become competitive junior players.
  • Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis - besides the many pieces of advice you find in the above mentioned full lessons, there is an additional section with more tips for developing a better strokes technique and footwork when teaching children.
  • Fun Tennis Drills for Kids - are complimentary and a must for every tennis lesson with children. Along the technical elements that a child must learn, making the lesson fun is essential to keep them motivated to work hard.

MY DADDY / MY COACH Live Lessons

In this section you will see how Cosmin, a certified tennis teaching professional, teaches his own two daughters how to play tennis, beginning with the first lessons where the children learn the basics and continue their progress into becoming tournament players.
My Daddy / My Coach lessons have been recorded over the span of 7 years to show tennis parents how to teach tennis to their own children.

  • Lesson no. 1 (53 minutes) - welcome, introduction, grips, forehand technique.
  • Lesson no. 2 (48 minutes) - warmup exercises, forehand and backhand technique, rally with sponge ball.
  • Lesson no. 3 (42 minutes) - tips, shadow tennis, fun games for teaching kids.
  • Lesson no. 4 (53 minutes) - fun warmup, groundstrokes drills, tips, footwork exercises.
  • Lesson no. 5 (42 minutes) - serve technique: grip, toss, trophy pose, contact, drills.
  • Lesson no. 6 (50 minutes) - serve technique: toss, contact, serve backswing, teaching tips.
  • Lesson no. 7 (55 minutes) - groundstrokes, movement drills, rally game, footwork, serve practice.
  • Lesson no. 8 (52 minutes) - hand-eye coordination, rally, placement drills, speed and footwork.
  • Lesson no. 9 (49 minutes) - forehand and backhand technique, rally games.
  • Lesson no. 10 (62 minutes) - rally games: coach vs player, player vs player, groundstrokes and footwork.
  • Lesson no. 11 (54 minutes) - consistency under pressure, serve practice, speed drills.
  • Lesson no. 12 (48 minutes) - underhand and overhand serve, fun serve games.
  • Lesson no. 13 (53 minutes) - return of serve, footwork drills, fun games for kids.
  • Lesson no. 14 (59 minutes) - competitive games, speed and footwork drills.
  • Lesson no. 15 (57 minutes) - volley technique, volley footwork, transition to the net.
  • Lesson no. 16 (48 minutes) - slice serve technique, volley, transition to the net.
  • Lesson no. 17 (65 minutes) - footwork, groundstrokes, serve, tie-break game.
  • Lesson no. 18 (62 minutes) - hand-eye coordination, competitive games, serve practice.
  • Lesson no. 19 (41 minutes) - volley practice, slice forehand and backhand technique.
  • Lesson no. 20 (51 minutes) - groundstrokes drills, return of serve, serve practice.
  • Lesson no. 21 (62 minutes) - fun tennis games, serve and rally, short ball put-away.
  • Lesson no. 22 (44 minutes) - overhead technique and practice drills.
  • Lesson no. 23 (60 minutes) - baseline rally games, volley, transition to the net, net vs baseline rally.
  • Lesson no. 24 (40 minutes) - volley practice, drop-shot technique.
  • Lesson no. 25 (57 minutes) - rally games, net vs baseline, serve return, short ball return, lob retrieving, footwork.
  • Lesson no. 26 (45 minutes) - slice serve practice, serve tactics, leg strength, footwork.
  • Lesson no. 27 (44 minutes) - groundstrokes drills, short ball approach, volley and overhead drills.
  • Lesson no. 28 (57 minutes) - speed and footwork drills, competitive games.
  • Lesson no. 29 (48 minutes) - groundstrokes, short ball put-away, drop-shot placement, tactics, consistency drills.
  • Lesson no. 30 (50 minutes) - grips review, serve technique and practice.
  • Lesson no. 31 (59 minutes) - groundstrokes, volleys, and overhead drills; footwork and speed.
  • Lesson no. 32 (45 minutes) - indoor vs outdoor tennis, coaching tips, drills.
  • Lesson no. 33 (43 minutes) - angles and court positioning, court coverage, recovery footwork drills.
  • Lesson no. 34 (52 minutes) - short backswing, touch shots, attacking slow serves, wide ball retrieving.
  • Lesson no. 35 (64 minutes) - groundstrokes and serve technique and practice, competitive games, coaching tips.
  • Lesson no. 36 (63 minutes) - new technique elements, groundstrokes, short ball put-away, volleys, overheads.
  • Lesson no. 37 (55 minutes) - kick serve technique, differences between flat, slice and kick serves.
  • Lesson no. 38 (60 minutes) - transition to the net, court coverage at the net; drills and tips.
  • Lesson no. 39 (50 minutes) - groundstrokes and short ball drills, lob retrieving, fun competitive games.
  • Lesson no. 40 (59 minutes) - serve, volley and overhead drills; more tips for teaching kids.
  • Lesson no. 41 (57 minutes) - groundstrokes and footwork drills, put-away shots, tactics, competitive games.
  • Lesson no. 42 (70 minutes) - basket drills, volley and overhead games, quick reaction, tactical drills.
  • Lesson no. 43 (67 minutes) - positioning and footwork at the net, court coverage, passing shots, tactics.
  • Lesson no. 44 (57 minutes) - groundstrokes, short ball, volley and overhead drills; serve return; match play.
  • Lesson no. 45 (52 minutes) - rally consistency under pressure; short angle shots, overhead drills.
  • Lesson no. 46 (64 minutes) - important message for coaches and tennis parents; more technique and drills.
  • Lesson no. 47 (60 minutes) - footwork and stretching; drills, skill building exercises, fun tennis games.

TENNIS TIPS for Teaching Kids

Featuring essential tips for teaching kids, this section is dedicated to coaches and parents to help them create a good experience for their children learning the technical elements of tennis strokes.

  • Types of Balls and Court Size for Children - 2 videos
  • Volley Tip: Avoid Raising the Elbow - 1 video
  • How to Feed Balls with Continental Grip - 5 videos
  • Two-Handed Backhand: Role of Non-Dominant Hand - 1 video
  • How to Teach the Contact Point - 1 video
  • Ball Feeding Techniques - 1 video
  • How to Teach with Shadow Tennis - 1 video
  • Three Drills for a Perfect Toss - 1 video
  • How to Change Grip from Western to Semi-Western - 1 video
  • Should You Teach One-Handed or Two-Handed Backhand - 1 video
  • Volley Tip: Elbows Out in Front - 1 video
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Technique - 1 video
  • Volley Tip: Open Racket Face - 1 video
  • How to Chase and Retrieve a Lob - 1 video
  • How to Teach the Backswing Loop - 1 video
  • How to Choose a Kid's Tennis Racket - 6 videos
  • How to Teach "Relaxed" Swing - 1 video
  • Serve Toss Fix - 2 videos
  • Ball Tracking and Footwork - 2 videos
  • Court Coverage and Recovery Footwork - 1 video
  • How to Teach the Drive Volley - 1 video
  • How to Shorten the Backswing - 1 video
  • Creative Ways to Pick Up Balls - 1 video
  • Fun Way to Introduce the Volley - 1 video
  • How to Feed Balls to Children - 1 video
  • First Step To and Away from Ball - 1 video
  • Unit Turn on Groundstrokes - 1 video
  • Footwork in Between Shots - 1 video
  • How to Make a Great "First Impression" - 2 videos
  • Backswing Drill: Over and Under - 1 video
  • A Cone for Better Footwork - 1 video
  • Tips on Following Through - 1 video
  • Simple Ways to Teach the Forehand Grip - 1 video
  • How to Time and Control the Volley - 1 video

TENNIS DRILLS for Teaching Kids

Discover lots of tennis drills and games for kids that you can add to your private or group lessons.
They are great for developing speed, balance, hand-eye coordination and ball control.
No matter how much we want to develop the perfect technique, when teaching children we must introduce at least two periods of fun activities during the lessons. 

Making it fun is a priority so that children not only want to come back for more lessons, but also to consider learning tennis a pleasant activity. 
In this section you will find:

  • Tennis Drills for Teaching Kids - 57 videos
  • Tennis Drills for Teaching Kids - 104 text/graphics

Access Lots of Lessons, Tips and Drills for Teaching Kids Tennis

Gain access to our unique Kids Tennis library with hundreds of lessons, drills and tips specially made for assisting tennis parents and coaches in teaching this sport to their children

“Hi Cosmin, many thanks for the great information!
Your approach to teaching kids is one of the best I have ever seen.”

Jim Wagner


Tennis Ebooks

Along with lessons, tips and drills, inside this program you'll also find ebooks that will be an additional downloadable resource that you can take with you on the tennis court.

15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis

10 Lesson Plans for Beginning Players

100(+1) Tips for Your Best Tennis

“Good morning from Colorado. No question — just wanted to tell you how much I love you site. My daughter and I are having a great time with drills and games.”

John W.

Who should join WebTennis24 Kids?

Coaches and tennis parents who are willing to introduce their kids to this wonderful sport. Through the “My Daddy / My Coach” video series, parents and coaches will find everything they need to get their children started with tennis and even help them play at competitive levels.

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WebTennis24 KIDS

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  • Tennis Tips for Teaching Kids (improve technique and footwork)

  • Fun Tennis Drills for Kids (hand-eye coordination, speed, leg strength, love for the game)

  • Tennis Ebook: 15 Quick Fixes

  • Tennis Ebook: 100 (+1) Tips

  • Tennis Ebook: 10 Lesson Plans (original version)

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  • WebTennis24 KIDS
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  • Best BALL MACHINE Tennis Drills and Games 
    50+ video drills and competitive games

  • Best Tennis Drills and Games for KIDS
    60+ video drills and games

  • Bonus: Seven Tennis EBOOKS



WebTennis24 is an established business with clients and customers around the globe. We take our customer experience very seriously. For that reason, this course is backed by a no-hassle 14 day refund. Just email our support team within 14 days of purchase and we'll get you squared away.

Cosmin Miholca

Founder, WebTennis24

“As an instructor for kids 10 and under there is no better website then WebTennis24 for fun drills and games for kids. My Daddy / My Coach gives great insight into working with young players.”

Steven Gershman

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