10 Lesson Plans for Teaching

Beginning Tennis Players

Dedicated to Coaches

and Tennis Parents

A comprehensive guide for teaching tennis to beginning players (kids and adults) plus additional drills, tips and tennis games.

A Brand New Tennis Program from WebTennis24

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide for teaching tennis to beginning players (both kids and adults), tailored towards coaches and tennis parents who are looking for a way to introduce their children to this wonderful sport.

  • Ten Live Lessons - Focusing on Technique, Tips & Drills​

    Comprehensive 45 to 65 minute lessons, showing how to teach the technical elements of the main tennis strokes: serve, groundstrokes, volley and overhead.

  • Video Tips for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players​

    The program includes a special section with additional tips and pieces of advice, which coaches and tennis parents can use to improve the technical aspects of beginning players' technique.

  • Tennis Drills and Fun Games for Beginners

    A variety of drills to improve both technical elements and footwork, as well as fun tennis games, important for improving  hand-eye coordination, movement and racquet skills.

  • Access to the Program, Including Future Updates​

    Access 600+ minutes of high quality video lessons, plus additional tips and drills, which will help any coach or tennis parent in finding ways to keep their students interested and motivated over time.

  • Interactive Content

    Each lesson, tip and drill page features a comment box that allows members of this program to ask additional questions and receive answers to further improve their students' technical skills. They can also ask about equipment, drills and other areas that coaches and parents could use to add extra value to their lessons with beginning players.

Deborah Roberts

Director of Youth Tennis, Indiana - USA

“Cosmin's “10 Lesson Plans” program is extremely helpful to me. I teach tennis mainly to young children and beginning adults. I have found his videos to be a good resource to help me teach technique and feel confident that I am presenting good information to my clients. 
I have followed him and used his drills and games with my students for the past ten years. 
His programs help me keep my lessons fresh and enable me to have a variety of fun games and drills for my students. 
I would recommend his programs to anyone wanting to be a better player or who teaches tennis.”​

Lesson no. 1

56 minutes

1. How to make a great first impression as a coach
2. Fun ways to introduce the court, teach the different elements of the racquet, and forehand grip
3. How to test and practice hand-eye coordination with your new student
4. Racquet-ball exercises for beginning players
5. Ball tracking and footwork exercises
6. Forehand Groundstroke - technique lesson

Lesson no. 2

67 minutes

1. Fun warm-up exercises/games recommended for beginning players
2. Footwork patterns: moving to and away from the ball
3. First rally: coach and player (how to shorten backswing to control the ball)
4. Forehand groundstroke review - technique, drills
5. Two-Handed Backhand Groundstroke - technique lesson
6. Review of forehand and backhand groundstrokes technique, drills and rally

Lesson no. 3

61 minutes

1. Warm-up exercises for beginning players - hand-eye coordination, footwork, creative games
2. Rally consistency game
3. Learn how to feed the ball to begin a rally - tips and practice game
4. Groundstrokes technique; footwork drills with emphasise on recovery steps
5. Full-court rally - consistency challenge

Lesson no. 4

43 minutes

Serve Lesson - technique and drills (part 1 of 2)
- The Toss
- Grip and Pronation
- Toss-Pronation-Contact
- Racquet Back-Drop
- Follow-Through
- Serving with an abbreviated swing

- Drills, tips for coaches and parents

Lesson no. 5

55 minutes

1. Serve Lesson - technique and drills (part 2 of 2)
- Practice the previously learned technical elements of the serve (abbreviated swing)
- Adding the serve backswing
- Adding the knees bending
- Put all serve elements together
2. Review of forehand and backhand groundstrokes - technique and drills
3. Introducing one of the best footwork drills

Lesson no. 6

63 minutes

1. New warm-up exercises
2. Serve technique - review, shadow swings, drills
3. Scoring System in Tennis- creative way to teach the tennis score
4. Groundstrokes game - emphasise on consistency under pressure
5. Return of Serve Lesson - technique, footwork, court positioning
6. Game - practice keeping score, rally consistency

Lesson no. 7

67 minutes

1. Introduction, review, creative warm-up drills and games
2. Groundstrokes technique review - footwork and drills
3. Tips on the tennis balls that coaches and parents can use in teaching beginning players
4. Serve technique review: shadow strokes, rhythm and practice drills
5. Return of serve review: positioning, footwork, shadow strokes and practice drills
6. Game Play: tennis scoring, match beginning analysis, points play

Lesson no. 8

61 minutes

1. Warm-up: footwork, hand-eye coordination
2. Forehand and Backhand Volley - technique lesson:
- drills for ball and racquet control using a continental grip
- what is, when and where the volley is hit from
- contact and follow-through technique
- creative drills to help with volley technique: grip, contact, avoid backswing, avoid swinging, forearm strength, racquet control, etc.
3. Forehand and Backhand Volley - footwork

Lesson no. 9

49 minutes

1. Warm-up: new creative exercises - footwork, leg strength, racquet-ball control
2. Forehand and backhand volley - technique review
3. Transition from Baseline to the Net:
- introducing the short ball approach

- drills and tips
4. The Overhead - technique lesson
- grip, preparation, footwork, ball tracking, technical elements
- progression drills and tips
5. Transition from baseline to the net (drills)
- groundstrokes, approach shots, volleys and overheads (emphasise technique and footwork)

Lesson no. 10

51 minutes

1. Introduction and tips for coaches and tennis parents
2. Technique review: serve, groundstrokes, volleys, overheads
3. Rally drill - coach and player: 
- practice serve, groundstrokes rally, transition to the net, volleys and overheads
4. Shot Placement - lesson and drills:
- the concept of how to place/direct the tennis shots
- placement drills practicing the main tennis strokes learned so far.


Tips, Drills and Ebooks

Along with live teaching lessons, inside this program, you'll find additional video tips, drills and games that beginning players love, plus ebooks for coaches and tennis parents

Tips for Teaching Tennis

How to improve your students' technique, hand-eye coordination, and footwork

Lots of Drills and Games

Drills and games that beginning players love to do while working on their skills

Bonus Tennis Ebooks

Additional information via downloadable ebooks that you can save on your mobile device

Steven Gershman

PTR and USTA Tennis Coach, Virginia - USA

“I have been a subscriber to WebTennis24 for around 2 years now. Being a PTR coach of 10 unders, along with instructing beginning adult players, I have been able to take advantage of the many quality lessons, drills, games and E-books that Cosmin has offered. I especially enjoyed his live My Daddy/ My Coach lessons with his children.

Cosmin has now taken those lessons to the next level by introducing a new program called 

10 Lessons for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players. In this series of video lessons, Cosmin goes through step by step racket technique and footwork that is important to acquaint beginning players with every basic stroke needed to help them develop. 

Just this past weekend I worked with a brother and sister who are new to our wonderful sport. I was able to use many of the techniques and teaching points that Cosmin uses in 10 Lessons for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players with these students. I could easily take the same technique and teaching points and work with any age beginner.

What is also great about 10 Lessons for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players is that I can always go back to the videos and use his instruction and methods to work with my students as they advance. I can also use the rest of the vast amount of information on his website to supplement lessons with my students.”

Cosmin Miholca

Certified Tennis Teaching Professional & Tennis Parent

In this series of videos, Cosmin, a certified tennis teaching professional, along with the help of his daughter Bianca in the role of student, cover a wide range of topics in a way that feels like you are right there on the court with them.

From the first time a player picks up a racquet, all the way to learning how to play an actual tennis match using technically sound strokes, this extensive program is an excellent resource for both coaches and tennis parents.

Anthony Saleyar

USPTA Tennis Coach, California - USA

“This is the best online coaching video program you will find on the internet. Step by step, Cosmin goes over every aspect of coaching and is so creative in giving a variety of ideas from warm ups to drills, games and all technical aspects of tennis.”​

10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players

  • 10 Teaching Lessons (83 videos)

  • 2 Tennis Ebooks (PDF)

  • Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis (15+ videos)

  • Tennis Drills and Games for Kids (24+ videos)



WebTennis24 is an established business with clients and customers around the globe. We take our customer experience very seriously. For that reason, this course is backed by a no-hassle 14 day refund. Just email our support team within 14 days of purchase and we'll get you squared away.

Cosmin Miholca

Founder, WebTennis24

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