Ebooks are an effective way to learn tennis because you can refer to a chapter or section over and over, something you can’t do with private lessons. Save them to your mobile device and read them when you are on the go.

Tennis Instruction

Lessons and tips to develop a better technique, consistent strokes and tactics, have more fun playing tennis

Tennis Drills

Some of the best tennis drills for singles and doubles players to work on strokes consistency, accuracy, and mental strength for competitive play

  • Tennis drills for two players: consistency, accuracy, singles tactics

  • Tennis drills for three players: competitive play, creative games for singles and doubles

  • Tennis drills for four players - some of the best singles and doubles competitive games


“Keep up the great work you are doing bringing your own brand of tennis instruction to the world. I for one fully appreciate and get immense benefit from absorbing all your instruction and advice.”

Iain Clark

“Cosmin, these drills are so amazing! I have over 13 books on tennis instructions and not a single one of them cover drills as detailed as yours. Thank you so much for continuing to put out such awesome tennis instruction content!"

Alex Daudsyah

“I think your drills are excellent. It would have been nice to have these while I was coaching at the college and high school level.”​

Cheryl Stout

“Hi Cosmin, really appreciate all the ebooks. I’m enjoying your website immensely. Many thanks!”​

Jackie Jones

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions

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Can I share my ebook with family and friends?

What type of payment do you accept?

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If I have questions about the ebook I want, is there someone I can talk to?

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